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INDICATII: acaricid, contra parazitilor albinelor Varroa si Braula

SUBSTANTA ACTIVA: timol si ulei de menta
ACTIUNE: contact si inhalare, blocheaza sistemul respirator al acarienilor, de asemenea efect bacteriostatic si antimicrobian, de inhibitor al dezvoltarii microorganismelor din stup.

PREZENTARE: benzi din substante minerale, ambalate individual si etans. Fiecare banda contine 5 gr. timol si 2 ml. ulei de menta. Nu deschideti ambalajul decat inainte de aplicare ! O cutie cu 6 benzi, pentru aproximativ 3 - 6 familii.

ADMINISTRARE: in functie de puterea familiilor, o banda – maxim doua pe stup. Se aseaza pe spetezele ramelor, deasupra puietului. Se mentin in stup 45 de zile.

REZULTAT FINAL: marirea duratei de viata a albinelor, imbunatatirea starii de sanatate, cresterea randamentului stupinei.

Secretul acestui medicament consta in optimizarea compusilor farmaceutici si in formula reusita a benzilor purtatoare, care permit evaporarea lenta, graduala si uniforma a substantelor active timol si ulei de menta, cu efect de lunga durata, care acopera complet dezvoltarea unui ciclu de paraziti.


Ecostop®-plates is a product against varroatosis in bees containing the active substances of thymol and mint oil and it is in an original and patented pharmaceutical form. Slow and gradual vaporization of the biological substances allows the room of the hive to be saturated with medicinal vapors directed to the destruction of the tick Varroa destructor.

Thymol and mint oil are known for their antiparasitic and sanitization effect. Thymol acts on the principle of the denaturation of the proteins in two directions. It inactivates the enzymes of the protein hydrolysis as a protoplasmic poison by creating insoluble proteinates. Loss of selective permeability is observed when affecting the cell membrane as a basis to disturb the physiological function of the tick. The effect of the thymol on the membranes is double due to the availability of a hydrophilic and a lipophilic part of its molecule.
The pharmaceutical form chosen – a plastic plate of proper sizes, allows the slowed down release of the active substances.
Ecostop-plates is in a specific pharmaceutical form, due to which the medicinal product has increased efficiency, harmlessness and accuracy of dosing.
In 2006 Ecostop-plates was authorized for use as a conventional and biological product in bee-keeping having effect against varroatosis and providing high therapeutic activity against varroatosis up to 94% for 45 days.
Clinical tests to determine the effectiveness of Ecostop-plates have been carried out for 4 year in Republic of Bulgaria – National Scientific and Research Veterinary Institute by K. Gurgulova, Assoc. Prof., PhD, in Republic of Turkey – Veterinary Institute, Bursa town, by Audin, Prof., in Serbia – Veterinary Institute of Belgrade town by Z. Stanimirovich, Prof.
The tests to determine the effectiveness of Ecostop-plates showed that the highest effect against varroatosis /90.59 ± 1.83%/ was when applied in a dose of 2 plates for a bee family for 45 days /K. Gurgulova and her team/, Figure ….
If proper applied, Ecostop-plates do not show any undesirable side effects on the bee family – no death of queen bees, bees and brood, thefts etc.
The effect against the tick Varroa destructor is achieved by providing a continued and even evaporation of the thymol and the mint oil in an easier way to dose. High and durable levels of therapeutic effect are provided notwithstanding the environmental temperature and the strength of the bee family. The ingredients of Ecostop-plates allow its single application to treat varroatosis in a dose of 1-3 plates according to the strength of the bee family for a continuous period of time /45-55 days/ of treatment with no risk to pollute the bee products.
The active substances and excipients in the composition of Ecostop are of natural origin and provide a biological effect with no harmful effect on the bees and the users of the bee products, and causing no harm to the environment. Ecostop is a biological product and as such, it can be applied during the honey collection.
EU Regulation 889/2008 and Bulgarian laws on biological bee-keeping provide some specific rules. Ecostop-plates is directed to an application in biological bee-keeping to fight Varroa destructor. Its active substances - thymol and mint oil are in compliance with EU Regulation 889/2008. The test results showed that Ecostop-plates was highly efficient /over 94%/ against Varroa destructor and was well accepted by the different categories of bees /K. Gurgulova, Iv. Zhelyazkova, Iv. Panchev, 2010, International Conference on Biological Bee-keeping, Nesebar, R Bulgaria/.
A scientific research on Ecostop-plates was presented in a Turkish magazine – “Uludag Aricilik”, 2/2007. The authors Audin, Assoc. Prof. and Çakmak, Assoc. Prof., presented a research for Ecostop-plates.
The product manufactured by Primavet – Sofia was compared to Perizin /coumaphos/. The test results from the research showed, that Ecostop-plates was effective against the tick Varroa destructor at 94.7% in comparison with 90.3% for the control – Perizin.
Ecostop-plates was also tested by Reza Shahrouzi – an international expert in bee-keeping.
Ecostop-plates produced by Primavet – Sofia was tested against varroatosis in two apiaries in Iran during the period September – October 2007 at temperatures of +10°С to 30°С. Ecostop-plates were put on the frames /3 for strong and 2 for weak families/ and remained for 45 days in the hives. There is no requirement the environmental temperature to be higher than 15°С when using Ecostop-plates.
This field research carried out in Iran against varroatosis showed that Ecostop-plates of Primavet – Sofia Ltd had very good efficacy up to 94.07%.

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